Traffic is no coincidence.

commeaT.E.C. analyses, evaluates and develops transport processes, systems and concepts, focusing on technical and organisationals aspects as well as on planning and political instruments. commeaT.E.C. has  a share in tapping the potentials concerning performance, profitability,  safety and ecological impacts of your transport systems and processses.

Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Maier

Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Maier founded commeaT.E.C. in 2011. He advises and supports business companies, research institutions and public authorities especially in the fields of traffic, transport and mobility.


Friedrich Maier finished his studies in civil engineering with a focus on transport in Stuttgart and Trondheim in 2004. In 2010, Friedrich Maier gained a doctorate in the field of traffic engineering at Technische Universität München.


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